Version 1.9.0, Software version 1.0

Version release date October 22, 2021
Software version 1.0
Packages version 1.9.0
Supported version OpenStack Train


In the current version of the product:

  • added new GUI theme AccentOS® Ocean;
  • added parameter descriptions to module configuration files;
  • fixed error of switching to previous versions of documentation;
  • fixed error when running the self-diagnostic utility in the console.
Description of changes
  Added Corrected Changes made
  • Fixed errors configuring Agent with types lvm and control.
  • Added the ability to install interface themes to choose from, including the new AccentOS Ocean theme.
  • Added periodic launch of automatic hypervisor load balancing;
  • Added console utilities for SNMP and SSH management for hypervisors;
  • Added a check for available hosts in the AZ before balancing.
  • Changed the logic when configuring sanlock locks.
  • Added the ability to enable the display of the action log on all tabs of the interface;
  • Added display of the number of basic cloud objects (instances, volumes, networks) to the main menu;
  • Added a check for the availability of a default availability zone in the TRS project creation form;
  • Added the ability to list the interface themes available for selection in the configuration file;
  • Added the ability to select the target host when migrating a instance;
  • Added the ability to select the interface color scheme (standard and dark) for the AccentOS and AccentOS Ocean themes;
  • Added the ability to create a new flavor in the form of launching a instance;
  • Added automatic generation of names for groups of instances;
  • Added checks for uniqueness of names within the project for security groups and groups of instances.
  • Minor GUI bugs fixed;
  • Fixed a bug on the “Action Log” tab in the TKcontrol section;
  • Fixed a bug when trying to edit the current domain;
  • Fixed a bug when trying to live migration of instance;
  • Fixed bug with adding ISCSI metadata by default when creating an image;
  • Fixed a bug with going to volume details from the list of backups and snapshots if the instance to which the volume is connected is unavailable.
  • Small changes have been made to the graphical interface in order to improve usability;
  • Functionality of cloning instances has been improved for the case of exhaustion of quotas.
  • Added logging of running automatic load balancing for host aggregate.
  • Added support of Secure RDS;
  • Added argument --config-file, which indicates the absolute path to the module config file.
  • Fixed localization errors for Windows.
  • Made minor changes to the RSclient interface.
  • Added the ability to select the interface color scheme (standard and dark) for the TRS web panel.
  • Fixed error starting TRS instance in a non-default domain.
  • Added the ability to schedule the launch of automatic balancing for host aggregate.

Version patches

Description of changes
Module Patch number Release date Changes made
RSclient 1.9.1 November 16, 2021 Bug with reopening RSclient after saving access key fixed.