Version 1.4.0, Software version 1.0

Version release date November 19, 2020
Software version 1.0
Packages version 1.4.0
Supported version OpenStack Train


In the current version of the product:

  • refactoring of work with asynchronous tasks of modules;
  • functionality for working with the message queue has been moved to separate package;
  • performed refactoring of services for executing periodic tasks of modules.
Description of changes
  Added Corrected Changes made
  • Fixed logging error.
  • Fixed error starting self-diagnosis on Astra Linux.
  • Added the ability to load domain configuration from file;
  • Added functionality for maintaining specified number of free hypervisors within a specific host aggregate.
  • Fixed bug with parsing backend names with configured integration with the AWS cloud;
  • Fixed a bug with evacuating instances on Astra Linux.
  • Added check for public cloud availability.
  • Added the ability to select hypervisor when starting instance;
  • Added arrows for main menu sections to improve usability;
  • Added the ability to create backup for volumes attached to instances;
  • Added color highlighting and the ability to sort the lines highlighted with a checkmark.
  • Fixed bug with managing hypervisors of host aggregate with one availability zone;
  • Fixed bug with loading images in Glance on Astra Linux;
  • Fixed a bug with defining project quotas in the Administrator section;
  • Fixed minor bugs in the graphical interface.
  • The functionality of full cloning of instances has been improved;
  • Improved functionality for unassigning power management tools for hypervisors.
  • Added unassignment of Zabbix templates when deleting instances.
  • Improved monitoring of cloud infrastructure within domains.
  • Improved monitoring of cloud infrastructure within domains.
  • Fixed bug with getting TRS instances on Astra Linux.
  • TRS web interface implemented in accordance with Dashboard;
  • Added the ability to sort and filter TRS instances in the web TRS.

Version patches

Description of changes
Module Patch number Release date Changes made
Agent 1.4.2 February 10, 2021
  • Added consideration of RAM and CPU overcommitment when choosing a hypervisor to start instance.
CloudManager 1.4.1 November 24, 2020
  • Fixed error starting service aos-cloud-manager-worker on Astra Linux;
  • Deleted redundant dependency configparser.
CloudManager 1.4.2 February 10, 2021
  • Added consideration of RAM and CPU overcommitment when choosing a hypervisor to start instance.
CloudManager 1.4.3 February 11, 2021
  • Fixed blocking error for migrated volumes.
OTPsender 1.4.2 November 24, 2020
  • Fixed bug with sending verification code by e-mail;
  • Fixed module name oslo.serialization in OTPsender dependencies, which led to errors in module self-diagnosis.
Agent 1.4.1 December 11, 2020
  • Error of restoring the sanlock volume lock after restarting the compute node has been fixed.
Autosetup 1.4.1 December 4, 2020
  • Fixed bug with auto-installation of modules in the absence of the ability to connect to the host rabbit-host.
Autosetup 1.4.2 December 10, 2020
  • Fixed autoinstall bug.