Version 1.15.0, Software version 2.0

Version release date March 17, 2023
Software version 2.0
Packages version 1.15.0
Supported version OpenStack Compatible with Russian distributions of operating systems (version depends on the using operating system version)


Dashboard Ocean theme for Astra Linux 1.7 is supported since version 1.14.0.


In the current version of the product:

  • the work of the RemoteApp module was refactored, the API was improved.
  • implemented SSO collaboration functionality with Webgard for Windows.
  • added the ability to get instances by Kerberos tickets in RSclient on Linux.
  • added the ability to work with the system metadata of instances for the cloud administrator.
Description of changes
  Added Corrected Changes made
  • Added work with nova database.
  • When balancing instances, the migration type is changed to live migration.
  • Added a group action to connect the interface to instances.
  • Fixed minor bugs in the GUI, including pagination errors;
  • Fixed a window freeze error when configuring SSO on the TRS projects tab;
  • Fixed a bug with sorting the user action log by the «Parent request» field;
  • Fixed migration of disabled instances.
  • Added cleaning of the database of the RemoteApp module after deleting the instance;
  • Added generation of template file names by application name;
  • Added Redis exception handling in remoteapp;
  • Added loading of new templates in Remoteapp;
  • Added new classes for working with the Database for VM and Project;
  • Added the ability to monitor the deletion of instances on the connected cloud.
  • Changed authorization in the RemoteApp module;
  • Minor changes have been made to the GUI.
  • Added hiding of application_credential_secret content in module logs;
  • Added error handling out of range;
  • Added new response codes for processing from WebGard.
  • Fixed automatic distribution of TRS instances in the TRS project.