Version 1.14.0, Software version 2.0

Version release date December 5, 2022
Software version 2.0
Packages version 1.14.0
Supported version OpenStack Compatible with Russian distributions of operating systems (version depends on the using operating system version)


Dashboard Ocean theme for Astra Linux 1.7 is supported since version 1.14.0.


In the current version of the product:

  • added detailed information about subnets in the output of the self-diagnostic utility.
Description of changes
  Added Corrected Changes made
  • Fixed error starting Agent service on hypervisors.
  • Added ssh_connect_timeout parameter to the module configuration file to specify a timeout when restarting the hypervisor when executing commands via SSH;
  • A new Custom Device type has been added for IPMI power management devices to allow additional arguments to be passed.
Dashboard и Dashboard Ocean  
  • Fixed a bug with resetting filtered values in the lists of objects when clicking on the «Filter» button ;
  • Fixed spinner freeze when restarting hypervisor with power management tool;
  • Fixed hypervisor restart error in English locale;
  • Fixed 500 error when deleting an active selected project;
  • Fixed filtering error in object details;
  • Fixed metadata naming error;
  • Fixed site resolution in frame addresses.
  • Changes have been made to the GUI and Dashboard Ocean GUI theme to improve usability.
  • Improved logging enabling and disabling hypervisor services.
  • Added uniqueness of fields in the module database;
  • Added parameter validation in the module database;
  • Added work with sessions in the RemoteApp module;
  • Implemented storage of user sessions in Redis.
  • Fixed a bug with linking one application to several instances;
  • Fixed a bug with the rights to the log file;
  • Fixed a bug when deleting the application;
  • Fixed a bug when linking the application.
  • Module has been refactored;
  • Changed the structure of the module database;
  • Improved graphical interface of the module.
  • The eye_pass_icon parameter has been added to the configuration file of the module, which allows to show or hide the possibility of displaying the entered password;
  • Added the ability to work with Webgard in SSO mode;
  • Added the host_addr parameter to the module configuration file, which is responsible for creating a security group with the IP address of the instance.
  • The task_timeout parameter has been added to the module configuration file, which allows to track the execution time of tasks.