Version 1.13.0, Software version 2.0

Version release date August 26, 2022
Software version 2.0
Packages version 1.13.0
Supported version OpenStack Compatible with Russian distributions of operating systems (version depends on the using operating system version)


Added method to get instances using SSO technology to TRS functionality.

Description of changes
  Added Corrected Changes made
  • Added processing of a track of attempts to evacuate instances in case the worker of the celery service is running in a cluster, to prevent the evacuation from starting prematurely.
  • Added action to configure SSO for TRS projects.
  • Added error handling for entering invalid authorization data in RemoteApp.
  • File creation method refactored;
  • Creation of template files moved to a separate folder.
  • Added connection functionality in SSO mode.
  • Fixed error starting self-diagnostics of RSclient module on Windows.
  • Added functionality for receiving TRS instances via SSO.