Version 1.12.0, Software version 2.0

Version release date July 29, 2022
Software version 2.0
Packages version 1.12.0
Supported version OpenStack Compatible with Russian distributions of operating systems (version depends on the using operating system version)


In the current version of the product:

  • the graphical interface of the RemoteApp module has been improved, the module API has been redesigned.
  • improvements made to the graphical interface of the FirstBoot module.
  • fixed error reading CELERYD_OPTS options in configuration files of systemd module services.
Description of changes
  Added Corrected Changes made
  • Fixed minor bugs in the graphical interface of the module.
  • Added output of information about GUI themes to the console command aos modules list.
  • Added color indication of the Agent status on the hypervisor list tab;
  • Added the ability to line-by-line edit the network name in the network lists.
  • Fixed error opening object details on the TKcontrol - Keys tab;
  • Fixed filtering error in the list of hypervisors in the instance startup form;
  • Fixed a bug when double-clicking the button to confirm the migration of instances.
  • Added blocking of the count field in the forms for launching instances, while a confirmation box for not using the cluster file system was added next to the field;
  • Changed the step of changing the RAM in the form of a hot swap for instance;
  • Changes have been made in the form for editing flavor metadata.
  • Fixed a number of bugs in the graphical interface of the module.
  • Added the ability to enter the project name manually;
  • Added the ability to save the project name;
  • Added a parameter to the RSclient configuration file, which is responsible for hiding/showing of the RDS field.
  • Fixed RSclient error when launched with single_launch=True.