Version 1.8.0

Version release date June 29, 2021
Software version 1.8.0
Supported version OpenStack Train


In the current version of the product:

  • added search to English-language documentation;
  • added enabled parameters for workers to the examples of CloudManager and RSserver modules configuration files;
  • added database locking when performing simultaneous migrations from multiple hosts.
Description of changes
  Added Corrected Changes made
  • Fixed bug of attaching storage volumes to hypervisors.
  • Added dark interface theme.
  • Fixed bug with installing packages on Astra Linux.
  • Added the ability to automatically balance instances between several compute nodes or within host aggregate(s) in order to optimize the use of RAM;
  • Added the ability to disable auto-evacuation for individual compute nodes.
  • Fixed bug in nova-virt-driver;
  • Fixed bugs in the work of aos-agent in python 3.5.
  • Changed the logic when configuring sanlock locks.
  • Added the ability to create keys, as well as add previously created keys to instance when launching;
  • Added the ability to work with public addresses in Yandex.Cloud.
  • Fixed incorrect determination of the size of uploaded images for Yandex.Cloud.
  • Changed metadata mappings for Yandex.Cloud.
  • Added the ability to create new network and volume in the form of instance launching;
  • Added the ability to filter and sort instances based on attribute blocked;
  • Added the ability to sort hypervisors by Agent status;
  • Added tab for assigned TRS volumes to user details;
  • Added mapping of assignment to user for the list of TRS volumes;
  • Added display of automatic creation of TRS volumes in TRS project details;
  • Added parameter to the user settings that allows to enable/disable the display of objects details in the main window;
  • Added uniqueness of volume group names within the project;
  • Added parameter to the config file to hide/show the Numa tab in the hypervisor details;
  • Added actions for automatic balancing of instances for groups of compute nodes, as well as for host aggregates;
  • Added Enable/Disable port security actions for instances;
  • Added metadata update when configuring the module.
  • Fixed minor bugs in the graphical interface;
  • Fixed bug with going to volume type encryption details;
  • Fixed a number of errors in scheduling and repeating scheduled tasks;
  • Fixed line editing error on Balancing - Compute hosts tab;
  • Fixed bug with filtering instances in the form of managing the connection of instances for volumes;
  • Fixed uploading image to public clouds.
  • Small changes have been made to the graphical interface in order to improve usability;
  • Deleted Suspend/Resume actions for instances;
  • Changed form of connecting storage volumes to the hypervisor;
  • Improved integration with the TKcontrol module.
  • Added reconnection of the user’s TRS volume to a new instance if the old instance is shelved.
  • Deleted option to schedule Suspend/Resume actions for instances.
  • Added the ability to run thin client diagnostics;
  • Added the ability to get additional information from Active Directory in TKcontrol.
  • Fixed minor bugs in the module;
  • Fixed bug when rebuilding node groups of remote hosts.
  • Minions TKcontrol transferred to python3;
  • Changed command launch logic on minion;
  • Refactoring of the module and its individual components.