Version 2.1.0, Software version 3.0

Version release date November 13, 2023
Software version 3.0
Packages version 2.1.0
Supported version OpenStack Compatible with Russian distributions of operating systems (version depends on the using operating system version)


Dashboard Ocean theme for Astra Linux 1.7 is supported since version 1.14.0.


Starting from package version 2.0.0, the supported version of OpenStack is Antelope.


In the current version of the product:

  • Fixed the eventlet version in all modules.
  • The web interface for receiving TRS machines has been moved to a separate new RS-Web module.
  • Fixed errors in the operation of AccentOS drivers on Antelope.
Description of changes
  Added Corrected Changes made
  • Added vgpu type to Agent.
  • Added API for working with system metadata.
  • Changed the logic of connecting to the database of the CloudManager module.
  • Fixed minor bugs in the GUI.
  • A tab has been added in the interface for Linux to specify the LDAP domain name.
  • Added a WireGuard connection interface.
  • Added the ability to forward video capture devices for Windows.
  • Fixed the error of receiving a TRS instance when using two-factor authentication.